Softer Volumes Sydney City Guide

Softer Volumes: Sydney — Digital City Guide (Coming Soon)


Introducing the Softer Volumes Sydney City Guide. In this guide, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the best places to eat, drink, shop, stay and enjoy in our team’s home city of Sydney.

Made for lovers of modern design, specialty coffee and contemporary dining experiences, the guide features 75 recommendations on cafés, restaurants, bars, stores, hotels and more.

We have designed the guide for travellers and locals alike, and hope our recommendations help to make memorable experiences while spending time in this beautiful city. 

The Details

Curated venue recommendations with beautiful imagery of interiors, food, drinks and more. At the end of each section is a list of additional recommendations for more places to explore.

Also included are links to view all venues in Google Maps, as well as venue websites to view menus and book, and Instagram pages for browsing more images. You’ll also gain access to the Google Maps list we’ve created that includes all featured venues. 

This digital product includes two downloadable formats, EPUB and PDF. Both formats will be available for download after purchase from the order confirmation page and order confirmation email. 

The EPUB format (recommended) can be opened using EPUB reader apps such as Apple iBooks, Google Play Books, Adobe Digital Editions and more. The PDF version is included for additional convenience and compatibility. 

The guide has been designed to offer the best viewing experience on mobile but can just as easily be viewed on computers and tablets if preferred.