A Harmonious Balance

Apple iPad Mini 6 Review

A new diminutive form factor has redefined Apple’s successful line of personal tablet computers, with the company now offering the all-new iPad Mini 6. Following the design of the latest iPad Pro and iPhones, this personal notebook is a refined, premium device that represents a more elegant and harmonious balance between hardware and software.

iPad mini 6 Review — A Harmonious Balance

Despite its compact size, the iPad Mini 6 still features a sharp, colour-accurate 8.3-inch screen and manages to slim down the uniformed bezels for a more compact and attractive footprint.

iPad mini 6 Review — A Harmonious Balance

The thin sheet of precision-cut aluminium that makes up the body is incredibly lightweight but still feels solid and appropriately premium in the hand. I can wrap one hand around the entire slate, gripping both sides, making the non-intrusive size much more satisfying when it comes to flexible use during travel. This is a much better daily commute and travel companion than the larger iPads, and I can see myself using this extensively on a long-haul flight to organise a trip in advance or stream content.

iPad Mini 6 with Apple Pencil for Photography

Given that the iPad Mini 6 is not as strenuous to hold, it’s perfect for reading and watching videos in bed, offering more screen real estate than a smartphone with a fluid experience and an exceptionally efficient performance thanks to the powerful new A15 Bionic chip. The size is perfect for quick note-taking, sketching, and journaling, which works better with the separate Apple Pencil and speaks to a versatility that wouldn’t have been possible with larger iPad devices.

iPad Mini 6 Review — A Harmonious Balance

Photographers will appreciate being able to use the Apple Pencil to make fast, fluid edits at any time, reiterating the advantages of the iPad Mini 6 over a large smartphone and helping to better distinguish the device in Apple’s now comprehensive product lineup.

Although the Apple Pencil is considered a separate device, the necessity is clear. The Apple Pencil can easily attach magnetically on either side of the iPad Mini, which automatically charges it.

iPad Mini 6 Review — A Harmonious Balance

Apple has made some other, smaller but very appreciated hardware choices with the iPad Mini 6. The use of USB-C for charging and transferring data, for example, now allows direct tethering from DSLR cameras for immediate preview and editing after capture. The substantial enhancement to a photographer’s job is just one showcase of how the Apple iPad Mini 6 sets itself apart from other modern Apple devices — powerful yet petite.

Hands on with the iPad Mini 6

There are various other details which make help the iPad Mini 6 present a seamless user experience. A small but very much appreciated feature is Apple now building Touch ID into the power button, as well as a few software changes as small as including Centre Stage as a native app to make video communication and conferencing much easier and satisfying.

iPad Mini 6 — Hand On

Apple’s latest ultra-portable tablet is a meaningful device for travellers, city workers, and creatives who will be the ones finding the most value in something like this. Being able to hold a tablet comfortably in one hand is one thing, but the Apple iPad Mini 6 is also a successful entry thanks to a pure powerhouse performance that demonstrates Apple’s intelligent and insightful growth strategy.


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