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Newly-launched Alor Design Studio takes a refreshing approach to furniture design, firmly rooted in the belief that thoughtfully designed, skilfully handcrafted and sustainable furniture should be accessible to everyone. Their collection is also a celebration of Australian design, created in collaboration with both established and emerging local designers, resulting in unique pieces that reflect Alor’s commitment to community engagement.

Alor Design Studio
Alor Design Studio
Australian Furniture Design

By working closely with local creatives, Alor aims to push the limits of Australian furniture design, building and nurturing a community that values design excellence and collective creativity, and crafting pieces that reflect a shared vision of innovation. Through this approach, Alor also provides a platform on which to showcase local talent and help develop creative careers.

Sustainable Furniture Design
Details of Alor Design Studio

The brand’s first collaboration is with Melbourne-based industrial designer, James Walsh. Together Walsh and Alor Design Studio have created the Assemble Range—a collection centred around the idea of bringing people together, designed to showcase natural materials and considered craftsmanship. The range—built from FSC-certified timbers sourced from sustainable forestries, like all Alor furniture—features clean lines, soft curves and elegant joinery.

Alor Design Studio - Lifestyle Shoot

Sustainability, to which Alor takes a holistic approach, lies at the very heart of the brand’s philosophy, and informs the design process from the ground up. Alor’s furniture is made to last, both in the timelessness of its design and in its solid construction. Each product is made with carefully-sourced materials—chosen for quality and sustainable production—and durable hardware, and designed with replaceable components where possible to ensure longevity. Combined with subtly playful designs, Alor’s collections form a legacy of Australian design to be used and treasured now and by generations to come.

Alor Design Studio
Alor Design Studio

Alor will be showcasing its collection at the Decor and Design Show from 17th–19th July 2024 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. This offers visitors a chance to experience Alor’s products firsthand for the first time, and further explore the brand’s commitment to sustainability, craft and community.

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