A New Era of eDrive

The iX3 is an all-electric SUV, built with BMW’s 5th-generation of eDrive—making for a more dynamic, efficient and innovative driving experience.

The iX3 is produced with a holistic approach to sustainability. The efficient drive system, extensive use of secondary raw materials, absence of rare earths, and across-the-board use of green electricity in production all combine to result in an impressive CO2 assessment.

The rear-wheel-drive configuration delivers signature BMW driving dynamics, with a range of up to 460 km. When it comes time to charge, the battery can be boosted from 10 to 80 per cent in just 32 minutes.

Focused on elavating the finer details, the BMW iX3 features a simulated Start/Stop sound designed by Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer and BMW sound designer Renzo Vitale.



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