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SV Studio specialises in creative projects—conveying the message of your brand in a highly considered, eye-catching and engaging way. 

We produce beautiful content and marketing products through photography, design, videography, copywriting, social media management and more.

Softer Volumes Studio - Dovecote
Softer Volumes Studio - MINI

A collaborative approach

We place significant importance on understanding your goals when working with us, and together develop a set of desired outcomes that guide our work to ensure the success of the project. 

We work closely with you to define the project’s scope including objectives, deliverables, budget and timeframe. Communication including in-project feedback is integral to the way we work. 


What we do

We create stunning imagery that captures the attention of discerning eyes. We specialise in photographing products and spaces—producing work such as photographs of a new collection of homewares for your website and social media, mouth-watering shots of your café’s new dishes, an elevated new direction for your hotel’s Instagram, or behind-the-scenes shots that convey the ethical approach of your fashion brand.

Our process

Firstly, we define the purpose and placement of the photos with you (e.g. lifestyle shots to promote your latest collection on social media, or product imagery for your online store). We then come back to you with some initial concepts for the shoot. Upon concept approval, we do the shoot and provide a series of photos for you to select from. We then perform any final edits/retouching of the selected images and send them to you in high resolution.

Rates / packages

Rates depend on a variety of factors including total quantity of shots, location and complexity of setup.

Restaurant photography for a print and online travel guide to Tasmania produced in partnership with MINI to capture the lifestyle surrounding the MINI Countryman
Still-life photography and styling for 'Othertopias' — a new fragrance collection from Aesop
Hotel photography of Aman Tokyo for a print and digital article on Japanese luxury hotels.
Still-life photography for Royal Doulton glassware — for use on the brand's website and social media.
Interior and portrait photography for an interview with innovative surfboard designer Hayden Cox at the Haydenshapes Surfboards showroom
Product styling, photography and retouching for a collection of new drinks by Ampersand Projects — for use on social media, web and print.

Print Design

What we do

SV Studio approaches each print project with great attention to detail to bring tactile concepts to life. We offer full project management as well as design-only services, producing products such as guidebooks, magazines, coffee table books, brochures, catalogues and packaging. Our experience in printing and liasing with printers will ensure the final product impresses your customers beyond your expectations. 

Our process

An initial discussion allows us to determine the scale of the project, required services, and what type of product you’re looking to produce. We can handle the entire project for you, or be responsible for specific roles within a collaborative project. If managing the entire project, the next steps include agreeing on print type, quality and budget before coming back to you with concepts and timings. Once everything is approved we begin production. During production, we check in with you at agreed intervals to review how the process is going so there are no surprises at the end. 


Print projects are quoted on a case-by-base basis after understanding the type of product, quantity and services required. 

Print guidebook production including project management, venue photography and graphic design for The Local — a collaborative publication between QT Hotels and MINI. The guidebook was created to show guests places to drink and dine in the neighbourhood surrounding each hotel in Australia and New Zealand, and to promote a campaign offering a complimentary MINI for them to drive during their stay.
Complete book production including project management, print logistics, art direction, copywriting and graphic design of a 350-page hardcover showcasing beautifully-designed cafés around the world.
Development of a unique notebook concept featuring city guides to 20 popular destinations and an Object Gallery showcasing well-designed objects for creative inspiration.
Swing tag design and production for Rushfaster's collection of tech accessories and everyday carry products. Each tag design is product-specific and includes product information as well as the brand's mission.
External shipping packaging design and production for Rushfaster, with custom per-product sizing. Branded stickers featuring product names, barcodes and SKUs were also created for integration with the brand's warehouse.
Notecard design for Moccamaster featuring a bespoke coffee machine sketch on the front and information on the back for use at marketing events.

Digital Design

What we do

We design eye-catching and engaging assets for a wide variety of online purposes. Our work spans more in-depth projects such as downloadable guides, e-books, media kits and brand books, to frequently-needed materials such as website banners, Instagram story templates, email marketing templates and more. 

Our process

For digital design, we offer our services on either a per-project or monthly basis. After gauging the scope and goals of the visual assets to be created, we can then move onto production, including an opportunity for feedback and revision before completion of the task. 


Digital design projects come in a range of shapes and sizes, so we can begin by discussing what kind of digital marketing materials your brand needs and go from there to determine costs.

Softer Volumes: Cafés — Digital Preview
E-book design for the digital version of a coffee table book, including quick navigation from the contents page, external links, and compatibility for phone, tablet and desktop
Design of a new website section providing a directory of boutique and luxury hotels. Individual pages include maps, photo galleries, key information and booking buttons.
Design and production of a mobile-specific downloadable city guide for modern travellers seeking the best places to eat, drink, shop and stay.


What we do

Video plays an essential role in today’s marketing. SV Studio can shoot and manage a variety of video projects, from short-form clips for social media such as Instagram reels, to longer form films for brand features, interviews, launch campaigns, home tours and hotel features. After learning the purpose and size of the video, we can either provide individual clips filmed as part of a photography shoot to showcase the product in action, or arrange a larger scale video production with multiple team members, location scouting, scripts, direction, editing and more.

Our process

The two most important aspects of a video are the message being conveyed and the tone in which it should be delivered. Once we defined the above with you,  along with video duration and budget, we put together a storyboard with visual concepts for approval.

We offer up to two opportunities for you to provide feedback and revisions for the final cut.


Video rates are calculated on either a per-clip or per-video basis depending on the final output and type of work involved.

Video production on The Calile Hotel in Brisbane. The film includes on-camera interviews with the hotel's owner and manager as well as inspiring clips showcasing each aspect of the hotel from the rooms to the restaurant and spa in order to convey the guest experience and inspire future bookings
Promotional video for social media to accompany a print and online guide to the South Coast of New South Wales created in partnership with MINI. Filmed at Dovecote (Australian House of the Year) amongst other locations
A short video exploring places to eat, drink, shop and stay in Brisbane, Australia. Edited for social media consumption to drive traffic to longer-form article content.


What we do

The importance of engaging copy should never be overlooked. Our team of experienced writers produce eloquent work spanning articles, guides, interviews, social media captions and more. 

Our process

To ensure success and a streamlined process, prior to beginning any writing task, we ensure our team understands your brand’s tone of voice and audience, along with the purpose of the copy and where the work will be published. Afterwards, there is an opportunity for revision, and our team handles final proof-reading prior to publishing or project delivery.


Calculated per word or per article, taking into account any research needed.

A long-form print magazine article on saké, including extensive research on its history and various types. The article delivers the information in an easily-understandable yet professional manner
Copywriting for a coffee table book exploring the interior design, coffee menu and inspiration behind over 100 beautifully-designed cafés around the world
A collection of online articles on niche-specific topics that follow best practices for SEO to increase website traffic and sales to new readers

Instagram Management

What we do

From planning your Instagram grid to designing stories, making reels, writing captions, posting and more — there’s a lot involved in running a business Instagram. We handle each step of the Instagram process — helping you maintain consistency, increase engagement and achieve your desired aesthetic across different post types. 

Our process

We work the imagery you have available as well as offer options for content creation. After an initial discussion to understand your goals, we plan and create your entire month’s worth of social media content — aligning with any marketing you have planned such as for events, new releases, etc. After sharing the planned posts with you for approval, we manage all the posting, following the agreed schedule. 


Packages vary depending on the quantity of posts per month. Content creation for social media is also available as an optional add-on. 

SV Studio — Social Media Management Australia
SV Studio — Social Media Management Australia

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